The Gift of a GrowPod will Liberate a Community

We have spent 20 collective years actively researching the needs and potential of the Middle East. GrowPod is the brainchild of this research that harnesses Earth's advanced biosphere and empowers communities in transformative ways.

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Tulua = Rise

Jon & Daniel here. We have been living in the Middle East, with our families, for the past decade. We have heard and witnessed countless powerful stories of families, individuals, communities longing to break free from the various pressures of the context they live in. The word Tulua is a deep expression of those stories, hearts, dreams and futures.

In Arabic it means "Rise". What we see is the rising of a new transformative way to live in community through farming and technology. GrowPod is the embodiment of that potential and we desire to see this pod all across the Middle East.

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A Thriving Aquaponics System in the Heart of Jordan

We have successfully set up our medium-sized Aquaponics system in the heart of Jordan. The farm is only 10 minutes away from Mount Nebo. It aims to provide training and envision those venturing into the liberative world of Aquaponics.

This system now needs to be modularized and replicated in every home, community center, school, and building in the Middle East.

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Taste the Liberation

Jordan's Unemployment Rate is 19%

GrowPod provides an income for 2-3 family members.

1 Million Malnourished

Aquaponics in a GrowPod produces the most nutrient-dense produce available.

< 7% of Land is Farmable

GrowPod yields 20-30 times more than traditional soil-based farming.

Household Income Below Cost of Living

Any family member can generate income while staying home.

Food Miles

GrowPod lives at a home, community center, or business. The GrowPod has a negative emissions footprint.

Water Droughts

GrowPod uses 95% less water than soil based farming.

Lack of Opportunities

GrowPod is a micro business that a family can use to build their future.

Hard to Secure Farms

GrowPod is built with security in mind and makes it difficult for anyone to enter or alter the system.

We Are Raising $35,000 by December 31st for 2 GrowPods

Your funds will go directly to the creation of a liberative GrowPod.

  • Locally sourced materials and experts
  • Passive geothermal heating for water in winter
  • Fully off-grid capabilities using solar PV technology
  • Industry standard sensors for tracking important metrics like pH and temperature
  • A safe container to house the fish and supplies
  • A rooftop greenhouse farm for crops
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We have raised 67% towards liberation with GrowPods!


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