Tomato Farmer

The Vision


We create and manage aquaponic systems that create jobs, empower communities, regenerate the earth, and transform lives.

What is Aquaponics?
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The Problem

Individuals are trying to find better jobs to provide for their families, families are looking ways to support their next generation, and communities are trying to survive unstable politics, economics, rising taxes, and cost of living.

Unemployment Rate is 19%

A single aquaponic system can provide year-round revenue for a family or community.

1M+ Malnourished

Aquaponics produces nutrient-dense crops providing access to invaluable nourishment.

< 7% Farmable Land

Our aquaponic systems don't need soil or land. They can exist on roofs, in houses, and even parking lots.

Household Income Below Cost of Living

Any family member can grow produce from within the confines of their own home increasing the household income.

Food Miles

Food no longer needs to travel thousands of miles. It can be harvested within minutes of a home, restaurant or community center.

Water Droughts

Aquaponics uses 95% less water than traditional farming. Our systems are zero discharge facilities.

Lack of Opportunities

Our aquaponic systems provide incomes, businesses, and a future for growers both in rural areas and urban city centers.

50 Billion JOD in Imports by 2023

Our systems are locally sourced and locally grown to empower farmers' income and the local economy.

How do we address these problems?

Tomato Farmer

The Solution

Decentralized farming with Aquaponics serves as the vehicle to liberate individuals, families and communities through harnessing the power of earth’s bountiful ecosystems. It uses less resources, produces more, and it also thrives in the Middle Eastern terrain.

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Estimate YourAquaponic Revenue

Aquaponics is known for its high-yield, low water usage, and an enhanced nutrient-rich ecosystem that grows spectacular produce that everyone wants to buy. Estimate how much you can earn by providing how much space you have in your home or on your roof (no farming land required).

What revenue can I generate with 30m2
615 JODPer month with just tomatoes and lettuce. Imagine what you could get with specialty crops...
Build a Farm Today
The actual revenue generated from our systems depends on the ability to sell, weather, sun exposure, fish, proper maintenance and system layout. All of which we account for in our system design.